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Job Details
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Engineer Technician
Job ID #: 707 Location: Fort McMurray, AB
Position Category: Engineering Department: Engineering
Position Type: Full-Time Permanent Education Required: University Degree or Secondary Technical College
Experience Required: 3-4 years Relocation Provided: No

 Participate in BID preparation review and process with Sales Representatives and Management to ensure specs are aligned to client requirements.

 Technical Drawings and Design Production
- Create CAD drawings of crane sub-assemblies and other equipment built on-site.
- Create electrical schematics.
- Design placards for units in production.

 Claims Processing
- Communicate with suppliers regarding warranty information.
- Provide technical information to support warranty claims processing
- Complete and send load chart requests for new truck cranes.
- Purchase non-standard/non-stocked parts.

 Management of Transport Canada Documentation
- Prepare legal documents and calculations according to Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.
- Coordinate importation process for trucks built outside of Canada.

 Additional Responsibilities
- Assist in managing production schedule.
- Provide technical advice to Technicians as required.
- Drive trucks to various locations and pick up parts according to time-sensitive needs.
- Prepare for daily meetings.
- Source and purchase parts.
- Conduct internal presentations when required.
- Manage cross-departmental and external communications.
- Participate in all required Health & Safety Training.
- Comply with the Health & Safety program and practices.
- Performance of daily duties in a manner conducive to a safe workplace.
- Comply with Wajax Equipment’s policies and procedures.

 Work duties performed primarily in a busy office setting with occasional interruptions.
 Must be able to work outdoors with some changes in temperature.
 Overnight travel is required.
 Must possess a valid driver’s license, passport and a reliable means of transportation.

Values Indicators
Attitude:  Arrives to work, ready to work.
 Is polite and friendly to colleagues and client and optimistic in the face of change or challenge.

 Approaches each day with enthusiasm.
 Understands and supports the organizational direction and goes above and beyond for the team.

Ethics:  Makes sound decisions that support the organizational direction, values and mission.
 Freely admits to errors and takes the necessary steps to rectify the situation.

Integrity:  Follows through on commitments.
 Honestly answers questions.
Professionalism:  Is fair and consistent in daily interactions and decision making.
 Keeps their manager and/or team updated on tasks, deadlines, problems and successes.
Quality:  Verifies that information, data and details are correct.
 Takes action and/or makes suggestions to correct errors.

Reliability:  Is able to handle multiple tasks and effectively manage workload.

Respect:  Acknowledges and responds to others in a manner that shows interest and concern.
 Understands positional boundaries and involves the right people in decision making or solution building.

Trust:  Takes the time to get to know others, asks questions, finds a common bond and develops professional rapport.
 Respects the confidentiality and concerns shared by others.

Definition: Competencies are the identified behaviors, knowledge, skills, and/or abilities required in order to be successful within the position.

Competencies Indicators
Accountability:    Takes personal ownership and responsibility for the quality and timeliness of work.  
 Demonstrates reliability.
 Follows organizational guidelines, professional standards, regulations and principles.
 Demonstrates reliability and integrity on a daily basis.

Adaptability:    Adapts and responds to changing conditions, priorities, technologies and requirements.
 Recognizes new information and ideas with a willingness to alter opinions.

Analytical Thinking:  
 Applies systematic, logical reasoning when addressing problems or situations in order to arrive at an appropriate solution or outcome.
 Considers various issues and components of the problem, develops sequential steps to address the situation and determines rational timeframes and priorities.

Communication:    Communicates information with consistency and clarity.   
 Uses active listening techniques in order to effectively understand provided feedback

Organizational and Environmental Awareness:    Displays commitment to the organizational by acting in accordance with expectations.  
 Has a clear understanding of positional boundaries, moves concerns to the right position and respects the boundaries and authority of other positions.

Planning and Organizing:    Accurately estimates the durations and level of difficulty of responsibilities, duties and tasks.
 Establishes priorities and identifies critical tasks that need to be handled immediately.

Problem Solving:    Asks questions and does research to learn more about the issue.  
 Develops multiple solutions and considers the advantages and disadvantages of each solution.

Results Orientation:
 The ability to focus on desired outcomes, and the means by which they are achieved, by meeting and or exceeding standards based on past performance, goals and objectives.  
 Priorities and plans for the effective use of resources in order to meet objectives.

Service Orientation:    Provides superior service to both internal and external customers.  
 Follows through on commitments and responds to inquiries, emails, requests and complaints in a timely fashion.

 Values and encourages teamwork through daily actions and by soliciting feedback from all levels of the organization.  
 Respects contributions of all team members, demonstrates cooperation and supports team decisions.

 University degree or Technical Diploma, in Mechanical and/ or Electrical Engineering with specialization in electronics and/or hydraulics.
 3-5 years of relevant working experience.
 3 years’ experience reading, designing and drawing technical schematics and placards is required.
 Any related technical and equipment training is an asset.
 Proven experience in sourcing and purchasing parts.

 Advanced understanding and application of drawing software programs   (e.g. CAD etc.).
 Solid understanding of the legal documentation and calculations processes for Transport Canada’s Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.
 Advanced verbal and written communications skills.
 Proficient with computers including Microsoft Office.
 Solid interpersonal skills.
 Ability to work under pressure and with time-sensitive tasks.

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