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Job Details

Security Officer

  • Facility: UMMC Midtown Campus
  • Location: Baltimore, MD
  • Department: 241060128-SECURITY
  • Job Posting Category: Service
  • Job ID #: 100548
  • Minimum Education: High School Diploma (GED)
  • Minimum Experience: 1 year
  • Employment Type: Part Time
  • Shift/Schedule: DAY
  • Posted FTE: .50
  • Hours of Work: 7a-3p
  • Benefits Eligible: Yes
  • License/Cert Required: Not Indicated
  • Specialty Type: Not Applicable

What You Will Do:
MAJOR POSITION FUNCTIONS An Officer must be able to monitor, address and prioritize security and safety risks on a continual basis. An especially important function of Security Officers, with respect to hospital staff, is their rapid response capabilities to security emergencies within the hospital (i.e. whether for behavioral health or medical reasons patients sometimes become violent or threaten medical or nursing staff). Security Officers may also be called upon for external emergencies, such as assisting in providing aid for disaster victims. Security Officers will spend a good deal of their time enforcing rules, regulations, and hospital policies. An Officer must follow hospital Security Department directives and reduce risks to a manageable and acceptable level. Areas to be focused on include: • Security • Emergency Preparedness • Report Writing • Effective Communication • Departmental Operations • Hospital Rules and Policy Enforcement • Process Improvement DUTIES STANDARD 1. Will comply with all Maryland General Hospital and Departmental Policies and Directives Will have an understanding of Hospital and Departmental Policies and Directives. The expectations are that Officers will have no verbal documented or written warnings concerning performance related issues. In the event warnings have been issued, immediate improvement in all areas of concern are expected. 2. Will possess knowledge / judgment sufficient to perform all assigned duties Officers must possess the body of knowledge necessary to effectively perform all duties and tasks. They must have strong customer service skills with the ability to interact positively with a diverse hospital patient, hospital staff and visitor population. All officers must have the ability to develop and implement problem solving techniques, be team oriented and use common sense. Officers must make reasoned judgments and/or decisions in the execution of their duties. 3. Will perform patrol and inspection duties both internal and external Will conduct both internal and external patrol rounds as instructed, enforce Hospital policies, procedures and regulations. Assist nursing and medical staff with the control of violent or disruptive patients, visitors and other individuals. Prevent losses or damage by promptly reporting safety irregularities. 4. Will maintain required uniform and present a professional appearance Will be well groomed, have a clean, proper fitting uniform, including ID, name tag, hospital security badge. 5. Will file reports and complete administrative assignments All incident reports are to be completed during the shift of occurrence. They are to be accurate and factual, clearly communicating appropriate and relevant information. 6. Will enforce and observe hospital policies and procedures The officer will pro-actively work with employees, patients and visitors to insure that safety and security policies and procedures are followed. 7. Will complete annual training requirements 1. Complete Annual Fire - Safety Review 2. Complete HIPPA reviews as required 3. Complete Corporate Compliance Review 4. Complete Annual Radiation Safety & Protection Review Training requirements must be completed prior to an Officer’s anniversary date. 8. Will develop investigative and technical skills Security Officers are not just incident report takers. When crimes or other incidents occur, Security Officers are expected to conduct thorough preliminary investigations that are properly documented. 9. Will maintain Interdepartmental relationships All officers will work cooperatively with other staff members both inside and outside the department. Professional conduct must always be maintained. Disputes are referred to the Security Director or Nursing Supervisor on Duty. 10. Will be responsible for critical incident management (intrapersonal interactions) All officers will attempt to de-escalate serious situations and will not become argumentative, aggressive or threatening. 11. Will respond to emergency situations Officers will respond immediately to emergency situations. Officer will involve themselves fully and continue to participate appropriately until it is deemed the situation is safely resolved. 12. Will be responsible for Loss Prevention Will act upon or prevent any of the following acts: theft, pilferage, misappropriation, robbery, vandalism, willful destruction of property, neglect and shoplifting. Appropriate action (i.e. search and seizure apprehension, detention, observation and reporting) is expected. 13. Will respond to life threatening situations Will be familiar with the legal implications and use common sense and good judgment in assuming responsibility for the preservation of life in the Hospital environment. This is of paramount importance. 14. Will be responsible for parking and traffic control Directs vehicular traffic on hospital grounds. Patrols parking garages paying particular attention to parking rules and regulations. Assist garage patrons as appropriate. Assist in maintaining orderly traffic flow. 15. Will participate in the improvement process within the department and the hospital. All Officers are expected to participate in Department meetings, discussion sessions and process improvement activities. Offices are expected to make suggestions and recommendations to improve the services provided. MACHINES TOOLS AND WORK AIDES: CCTV System, door detection alarms, aiphone system, base station, two-way radios, fire monitoring alarms, Tour Guard Watchman System, security enforcement and protection equipment, safety equipment, fire extinguisher use.

What You Need to Be Successful:
EDUCATION, TRAINING, AND EXPERIENCE: Graduation from high school or GED equivalent, with some college courses preferred. Some police training, military, or security experience is helpful, but not required. Must have computer skills sufficient to write reports, sufficient to take annual competencies and sufficient to review relevant on-line emergency management procedures and other written hospital policies.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and do not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, sex, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, status as a veteran, and basis of disability or any other federal, state or local protected class.