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Job Details

Safety & Health Specialist
  • Job ID #: 35106
  • Position Type: Full-Time
  • Education Required: Bachelors Degree
  • Experience Required: 5 - 7 Years
  • Location: CA-ON-Brampton
  • Functional Area: Compliance
  • Relocation Provided:

Position Description:
Provides the Stericycle business with health and safety expertise for managing site specific safety requirements and safety culture. Supports the Districts in the implementation and monitoring of the Company Safety Programs. Ensures that team members are trained as required and that all incidents are reported and investigated.
Key Job Activities:
1) Support District in rolling out Safety Programs. Ensure programs are received and locations know how to implement them. Provide guidance and track implementation
2) Support Training Program Delivery – provide materials and validate on-time delivery. Ensure that all locations have access to the training programs and the training calendar and support them in delivering the training in accordance with the schedule. This includes the completion of quizzes to verify competency
3) Put together Prevention activities and campaigns to support safety efforts or to address a partic-ular situation
4) Ensure incident information, including investigation, corrective actions and days away from work, entered in SCM is complete and accurate. Follow up/visit the site to ensure that the quality of the investigation is sufficient and that the corrective actions most appropriate for the situation have been identified
5) Monitor the implementation of Safety Corrective Actions. Ensure all identified corrective actions are actually being put in place and that they are effective.
6) Track Monthly Safety Inspections and ensure all are done on time and completely. Identify any significant issues for follow up
7) Perform Quarterly Safety Inspections (with Compliance Coordinator) in accordance with pre-es-tablish schedule. Work with District to address any issued identified
8) Support District with Safety related questions (expertise), training delivery, safety meetings
9) Participate in Customer audits – as required
10) Lead or Coordinate Fire/Emergency Drills – ensure all yearly fire drills are completed and re-ported on
11) Conduct JHA as required – especially when new equipment or processes are being implemented.

Position Requirements:

  • Education equivalent to Bachelor’s Degree in health and safety or other related field, or the equivalent in re-lated work experience.
  • Five or more years of experience in safety field or the equivalent in related work experience demonstrating knowledge and experience in occupational health and safety. Demonstrates experience in managing compli-ance affairs for variety of customers and customer types.
  • Demonstrates good computer skills including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, excellent written and oral communication skills are required.
  • Demonstrates the ability to read and understand regulations and apply to specific client requirements.