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      Job ID    
    Applications Analyst III*   6494   Moncks Corner  
    Records Management-Summer Intern   6533   Moncks Corner  
    Biology Biological Services (field)-Summer Intern   6591   Moncks Corner  
    Engineering Transmission Line Design-Summer Intern   6581   Moncks Corner  
    Biology Analytical Services (lab)-Summer Intern   6624   Moncks Corner  
    IT Analyst Cybersecurity Operations-Summer Intern   6554   Moncks Corner  
    IT Analyst-Summer Intern   6555   Moncks Corner  
    Electrical Engineering Intern-System Communications   6607   Moncks Corner  
    Buyer-Summer Intern   6623   Moncks Corner  
    Electrical Engineering Distribution Planning-Summer Intern   6560   Myrtle Beach  
    Electrical Engineering Intern-Distribution Project Support   6546   Myrtle Beach  
    Financial Analyst Program Development-Summer Intern   6579   Moncks Corner  
    Engineering Area Transmission Engineering-Summer Intern   6583   Moncks Corner  
    Electrical Engineering System Protection & Control Construction & Maintenance-Summer Intern   6584   Moncks Corner  
    Electrical Engineering System Protection & Control Studies-Summer Intern   6600   Moncks Corner  
    Electrical Engineer EMS Engineering-Summer Intern   6549   Moncks Corner  
    Civil Engineering General Construction Services-Summer Intern   6585   Moncks Corner  
    Engineering Capital Projects 2-Summer Intern   6547   Moncks Corner  
    Engineering Capital Projects 1-Summer Intern   6556   Moncks Corner  
    Engineering Technical Services (CGS)-Summer Intern   6586   Cross/Pineville  
    Engineering Mechanical Maintenance (CGS)-Summer Intern   6580   Cross/Pineville  
    Engineering Techical Services (WGS)-Summer Intern   6577   Georgetown  
    Engineering Mechanical Maintenance (WGS)-Summer Intern   6562   Georgetown  
    Accountant Treasury-Summer Intern   6557   Moncks Corner  
    Accountant Controller's Office-Summer Intern   6534   Moncks Corner  
    Analyst Wholesale Markets-Summer Intern   6576   Moncks Corner  
    Director of Audit Services   6601   Moncks Corner  
    Systems Analyst III   6551   Moncks Corner  
    Service Worker   6523   Moncks Corner  
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