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Job Details
Curation Scientist
Job ID #: 11576 Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Functional Area: Other Location:
Employment Type: Regular Full-Time Location:
Duration: unlimited Location:

Qiagen Romania is seeking a talented and motivated scientist to join the Oncology Data Curation Team. This position will be based in Cluj Napoca, Romania with the primary responsibility to curate genomics data in the field of Oncology, and to develop data analysis plans/pipelines to generate biological results and visualizations. By collaboratively working with internal research and software development team, the successful candidate will integrate acquired knowledge into our efforts to build a strong analytic pipeline to process large scale genomics dataset and developed innovative technology to deliver high-throughput data in a user-friendly fashion.

- PhD (2+ years of experience) or Master's degree (5+ years of experience) with training in Oncology/Hematology, Immuno-Oncology, Cancer Genetics, or related biomedical fields.  
- Experience with in vitro assays as well as in vivo animal models, and expertise in key signaling pathways and mechanisms of cancer.
- Experience in curating and handling large data sets.
- Experience with scientific/clinical ontologies and metadata issues.
- Knowledge of various sequencing data repositories, such as TCGA, CCLE, ICGC, etc.
- Familiar with current trend of clinical and academic research.
-Knowledge of molecular diagnostics, precision medicine, Next-Gen Sequencing, preferred.
- Working experience in pharmaceutical industry is a plus.
- Demonstrated accuracy and thoroughness in work product, and proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Word, etc.)
- Self-starter with strong communication and time management skills.

Responsibilities of this position include, but are not limited to, review the scientific publications, protocols or other documentation to evaluate study aims, design, methods and research findings using our sophisticated Array Curator Tool. Coordinate the genomic data curation team to extract, QC, annotate, and organize biological/clinical project and sample meta-data from various sources. Work closely with software developers to design, test, validate and manage the data auto-curation system.

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