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Nathan Isgur Fellowship - Experimental Nuclear Physics
Job ID #: 12095 Location: Newport News, VA
Functional Area: Research Division: Exp Nuclear Physics
Position Type: Term Education Required: Doctorate (Professional)
Experience Required: Less than 1 year Relocation Provided: Yes

SALARY RANGE: $63,700 - $100,700 (SS I)

You ‘matter’ to us! Our diverse team at Jefferson Lab includes more than 700 people, including physicists, engineers, computer professionals, technicians and more. From probing the basic building blocks of matter to performing advanced computing and applied research, we are on the leading edge of science and technology. If you are looking for a great job in a unique place where your contributions truly matter, consider Jefferson Lab!

Jefferson Science Associates (JSA) invite applications for the 2020 JSA/JLab Nathan Isgur Fellowship in Experimental Nuclear Physics. This Fellowship was established in honor of the late Nathan Isgur, who served as the Lab’s Chief Scientist from 1990 to 2001. The Fellowship award is expected to start in 2020, and will be for a three-year period, which may vary under special circumstances.

The Nathan Isgur Fellowship aims to attract new talent to Jefferson Lab that can significantly contribute to the Lab's 12-GeV scientific program and/or the foreseen program at an Electron-Ion Collider. The Experimental Physics Division at Jefferson Lab pursues a very broad and rich program aiming to address topics in hadronic, nuclear, and electroweak physics. The high intensity, high polarization and 12 GeV energy of the CEBAF electron beam will enable unprecedented study of the inner structure of nucleons and atomic nuclei, and will allow physicists to study the limits of the Standard Model at the low-energy precision frontier. The above program is carried out in four experimental halls - A, B, C, and D - each equipped with a unique particle-detection system (

Specifically, the physics programs fall into four general categories:

1) the physical origin of quark confinement (including meson and baryon spectroscopy)

2) the three-dimensional structure of the nucleon

3) the quark structure of nuclei

4) the discovery of new physics through high precision tests of the Standard Model.

The Fellow is expected to lead and carry out a strong research program. A Ph.D. in experimental nuclear or high energy physics and a solid publication record is required. You can find more about Jefferson Lab and its Experimental Physics Division by clicking on:

A PhD in an appropriate area of experimental nuclear physics is a prerequisite, together with a record of publications in leading journals and talks at workshops and conferences.

All applicants must upload (a) your CV, (b) research interest/plan and (c) publication list through Jefferson Lab’s online application tracking system here or  Additionally, 3 letters of recommendation should be sent on your behalf to Janet Prater at by November 1, 2019.


Additionally, 3 letters of recommendation should be sent on your behalf to Janet Prater at by November 1, 2019.

• Ability to comprehend, formulate, and communicate highly abstract concepts
• Ability to express or exchange complex ideas by means of spoken and written communication
• Ability to analyze and interpret complex data and develop models

• Ability to traverse across various locations on the laboratory site and access work areas
• Ability to lift up to 10 pounds frequently and 25 pounds occasionally
• Ability to stoop, bend over and climb ladders
• Ability to work on a computer for extended periods
• Visual capabilities sufficient to use computer workstations, read documents, and see safety alarms
• Auditory capabilities to hear safety alarms

Jefferson Science Associates, LLC (JSA) manages and operates the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (Jefferson Lab). JSA is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate in hiring or employment on the basis of race, color, religion, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, or veteran status or on any other basis prohibited by federal, state, or local law. As part of the JSA’s equal employment opportunity policy, we also take affirmative action as called for by applicable laws and Executive Orders to ensure that minority group individuals, females, disabled veterans, recently separated veterans, other protected veterans, Armed Forces, and qualified disabled persons are introduced into our workforce and considered for promotional opportunities.

Employment with JSA is conditional upon DOE approval if at any time during your employment you are participating in a Foreign Government Talent Recruitment Program. Generally, such programs include any foreign-state-sponsored attempt to acquire U.S.-funded scientific research through programs run or funded by the government that target scientists, engineers, academics, researchers, and entrepreneurs of all nationalities working or educated in the United States.

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